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    How to set Gmail signature

    How to set Gmail Signature?

    An email signature is a text, contact information including phone no, email id, company logo, social media link, or some of your favorite quotes, that’s automatically added at the end of Gmail messages as a footer when you set the Gmail signature in your Gmail account.

    Why do we set Gmail Signature?
    It gives a professional look to the mail if you are sending mail to your clients, customers, partners, or business entities by using a Gmail account for the communication.

    In case you are using a Gmail account to send mail to your friends, relatives then you can set different Gmail signature to show your creativity. 😍

    You can use the external website to create a free and amazing signature. How to do that? I shall create another post and share my blog link.

    Here I am sharing the steps to create a Gmail signature in easy steps.

    Open your Gmail account.

    1. Click on the settings button that you see on the top right.
    2. The quick setting window will appear after that. Click see all settings

    Gmail Signature

    3. You will see many tabs on the settings window. Click on General.

    Gmail Signature

    4. If you will scroll down then you will see the Signature field. 

    Gmail signature

    5. To create a new signature just click on create new

    6. A pop-up window will appear. Here you need to provide the name of the new signature. Give a good name as per your choice.

    Gmail Signature

    8. Name the signature like how I have put it. In the same way, you can put. 

    Gmail signature

    9. This field is where you can put the way you want to the signature to appear.
        like    : Your name
                  :  Your Phone No
                  : Your website address
                  : Image or company logo or card
    10. This field is to customize your signature. Like you can change the font, Bold it, color it, align it, and put hyperlink to your website.         

    Gmail signature

    11. Here you need to set the signature default too. 
        For new email use: for every new email your set signature name will be the default one and it will appear every time when you will start writing new mail. 
        For reply/forward use: If you want to use the same signature for the reply and forward then you can set the same as the default signature or you can create some different signature with a different name and set the same. 

    Once you are done then scroll down and you will see the save changes option. You must save your work, else you will lose what you did and you need to restart from the beginning. 

    Gmail signature

    Final: Once you save then go back to your inbox and compose a new mail. You will see that signature is appearing at the footer. 

    Gmail signature

    Hope you will have an amazing signature for your Gmail account. 

    Thank You

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