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    How to start blogging


      What is a Blog?

      A blog (a truncation of "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

      How to start your own blog?

      To start your own blog you must have an active Gmail account. Blogger is google apps. You can directly log in to https://www.blogger.com/ to create your own blog in your desire name with an attractive title of the blog. Once you are on the google home page and you are already logged in to your Gmail account, you will see the list of application icons on the right top corner. In the apps list, you will find different application names, find Blogger, and click on the same.

      Next, you will see a new page will open where you will find the option either to sign in or create your blog. Click on either anyone of both.

      Next, you will find a new page again. On the left side, you will see Create blog option again. Click on the same.
      Next, you will see that POP-UP where you will be asked to choose the title of the page. A title is a short description of a webpage and appears at the top of a browser window and in SERPs. Once you are done with Title naming, you can click on the NEXT button.

      Next, you have to choose an URL or website/blog address. Once google will say that your blog address is available then click on the SAVE button. Congratulation!!! You did a great job..... Your blog is ready to post.

      What will you see next is that your blog ID, which is important to know. So when you need id you can easily get from there. To view your blog the first time, you just click View Blog which you can see on the left side. NICE!!! Offer a coffee to yourself for your wonderful Job. ✌

      Know the different Section

      Now on the left side, you have many sections like Posts, States, Comments, etc. You should know all of them before your moving ahead. Look at the below image to know about it.

      POSTS: If you will click this you can see the list of your all posts. Hey, the first time you will not any post because you have not created any post. So don't worry. Try to create a post before doing all setup. No worry you can create the post and do all other settings later. It's up to you.

      STATS: You can see the total no of HITs on your blog, on your particular blog page, and so on. However, you must have to connect your blog to Google AnalyticsHow to do this? I will create another post. 

      CommentsYou can see all the blog comments here. When any visitor will comment on your post, you will see those comments here. You can approve or reject it per your choice.

      EARNINGS: When your blog is connected to Google Adsense then you can see your total earnings from google.

      PAGES: The page is a little different from POSTS. You can create about-us page, contact page, sitemap page here.

      LAYOUTS: This section is the layout of your blog, where you can add, remove and edit gadgets on your blog. You can add the LOGO of your blog, customize your slides, add new HTML/JAVA code.

      THEME: Here you can choose the available theme for your blog. You can customize your theme, edit HTML code, upload 3rd party theme, which you can download from google search.

      SETTINGS: This is the main part of the Blog. You will see the details below.

      READING LIST: You can follow other bloggers with their blog/web address and you can read the post whenever they will post anything to their blog.

      VIEW BLOG: You can click this whenever your want to see your blog, instead of typing your blog address in a new window. 

      Theme How to activate?

      Google blog will take a default theme when you will create your blog for the first time. But you can change it by choosing some different theme available here or you can download a free/premium theme from 3rd party website and upload it. You can change the theme anytime, but you must take a backup of your blog before you upload a new theme to avoid HTML code that you could have placed inside it. The code like your google AdSense code, google analytics code, Facebook, Pinterest or any CSS, JAVASCRIPT code, etc. I will suggest that keep a separate file in your system with that code. So that it will be easy for you to put it back or edit or change it whenever it's needed.

      You can change the theme anytime, but you must take a backup of your blog before you upload a new theme. Why?? Because in case something goes wrong, at least you can upload back your older theme to keep your blog visible to the world.

      How to upload 3rd party theme

      To get a third-party theme please do a google search with the keyword Download free blogger theme or just click here. Just do search here only.
      You can go to anyone on the website and download the theme per your desire. Once downloaded, just unzip the file and you will see an XML file in the folder. You can click on the restore option as shown below in the image and upload the XML file. Wait for the file to be uploaded and you will get the successful message from the blog. You can now view your blog and see the change with the updated theme.

      Settings of the blog

      This is the main part of the blog. I have created a table to summarize what and all you have to choose. 



      No need to change as you have already

      named your title at the beginning


      Provide the meaningful description with

      not more than 500 words.

      Blog language

      The default will be English. You can choose

      which is available in the list.

      Adult content

      Show warning to blog readers  ------------------- don’t check

      Require age confirmation ------------------------- don’t check

      Google Analytics Property ID

      You need to get GA property ID from Google Analytics site

      Favicon ---------------------------- Generate the fevicon with some website and                                                     upload here.


      Visible to search engines                        - CHECK else search engine like                                                                                 google will not index it

      Allow search engines to find your blog


      Blog address

      No need to change as you have already

      named your title at the beginning

      Custom domain

      Only when you are going to use a custom domain like www.yourwebsite.com


      HTTPS availability                                 - CHECK YES

      Status: Available

      HTTPS redirect                                        CHECK YES

      Ensure that visits to HTTP redirect to HTTPS


      Max posts shown on main page

      7 posts


      Comment location


      Who can comment?

      Users with Google Accounts


      Time zone

      (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time – Kolkata

      Date header format

      Change accordingly

      Archive index date format

      Change accordingly

      Timestamp format

      Change accordingly

      Comment timestamp format

      Change accordingly

      Meta tags

      Enable search description                                                 - CHECK YES

      Search description

      write here the search description so that search engine will understand your blog

      Errors and redirects

      Custom 404

      Custom redirects

      no items

      Crawlers and indexing

      Enable custom robots.txt                                 - CHECK YES

      Custom robots.txt                                             - Copy the below set of info and                                                  paste it on your blog. And do change the name

      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Allow: /
      Sitemap: https://www.

      Enable custom robots header tags    - SELECT ALL and NOODP tag only

      Home page tags                                 - SELECT ALL and NOODP tag only

      Archive and search page tags            - SELECT ALL and NOODP tag only

      Post and page tags                             - SELECT ALL and NOODP tag only

      Google Search Console                      - connect your search console site here

      Hope you will be able to do all setup correctly. In case you need any help, please feel free to comment here. I shall try to reply to you.

      Thank You and happy blogging.

      GOOD LUCK 💗💗💗💗💗💗

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