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    Cybersecurity & Data Protection

    Protect your website and sensitive information with a Cybersecurity & Data Protection expert

      Security audit, eliminate vulnerabilities, and protect infrastructure


      eliminate vulnerabilities and protect infrastructure

      About This Gig


      Protect Infrastructure

      Main Skills and Technology Stack:

      VLAN, VXLAN, VPC, Stack VPN, Wireless, Network equipment management (HP, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper), DPI, SSL Inspection, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, FW, etc

      What We Will Do:

      Identify current vulnerabilities

      Perform Audit & Infrastructure Analysis

      Develop Recommendations for Security Improvement

      Implement Security Hardening

      Provide Security Design Documentation

      Apply best Security Practices and Industry Compliance

      Establish Information Security Policies

      How We Will Do

      Meet: Share your problems and needs with us. We will gather the details and required project scope

      Audit: We will then carry out a thorough audit of the state of things to prepare a detailed as-built documentation

      Design: Based on your unique problems or needs, we will come up with carefully thought-out designs.

      Build: Our experts will build, test, and troubleshoot your solution based on the best functional design

      Handover: We will install and implement the solution and provide you with the training and documentation needed

      Support: It doesn’t end there. Our technical support staff will provide you with ongoing and ad-hoc support as needed

      Internal PCI network scan with Nessus professional


      internal pci network scan

      About This Gig

      This scan can be used to satisfy internal (PCI DSS 11.2.1) scanning requirements for ongoing vulnerability management programs that satisfy PCI compliance requirements. These scans may be used for ongoing vulnerability management and to perform rescans until passing or clean results are achieved.

      Migrate your website to google cloud service


      Migrate your website to google cloud service

      About This Gig

      With this gig, I will provide you with everything you need to go through the process of migration to Google Cloud Platform making your platform flexible, secure, and scalable for business. 

      • Reduce Cost - Pay only what is used. Based on aggregate results, you can expect 65% of savings.
      • Gain Flexibility - Whenever you need more resources, RAM, CPU, or Disk Storage space, add them with ease and no interruption.
      • Scalability - As simple as cloning a machine, putting a load balancer or edge farm in front, running multiple instances is simple and scalable. The platform itself enforces the right approach to do it.
      • Data Protection - Incremental snapshots of full instances allows you to go back in time. Setup a daily snapshot and ensure your data is safe.
      • Security - Your system will be configured according to best industry practices, firewalled, network zoned, making sure your backend remains a backend (secure zone).

      No matter if it's a website or back-office application, you will get best practices migration, full training, and after-delivery support.

      Did you know? New accounts on Google Cloud get $300 in credits to get started.

      Consultations are free and encouraged.

      Test your network security


      test your network security

      About This Gig

      Is your home or business network secure? 70% are not.

      I will test the security of your network to Stop the Hack Before it Happens!

      Service Includes:

      • Test network security
      • Monitor, discover, map, and scan your network devices
      • Identify devices running on systems
      • Discover hosts that are available and the services they offer
      • Find open ports and detect security risks
      • Professional detailed report with findings and risks

      Packages Include:

      • Premium Complete Network Scan, Manual Review, Consultation, Professional Security Assessment Report, +1 FREE Rescan Included.
      • Standard Full Network Scan (Home or Business), and Report.
      • Basic Quick Scan of your home network.

      Deepscan is a Senior Quality Professional and Fiverr PRO with over 20 years experience in the fields of Quality Assurance, Ethical Hacking, and Web Programming. Deepscan provides customers with the information needed to be secure through Award Winning cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

      Based in Canada and proudly serving customers around the world!

      Don't let hackers gain access to your sensitive information! Secure your network TODAY!

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