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    Sitechecker was first launched in 2016. Since then, Sitechecker has been successfully helping millions of people to solve the exhausting problem IT specialists have since the internet was invented – how to make your website better. But that is not all: now thousands of ordinary people use Sitechecker to analyze their websites, find errors and weak spots. Using Sitechecker's service, they found ways on how to fix them, and thereby improve the website’s overall performance and Google ranking.

    technical seo audit

    Sitechecker started with a simple idea to help SEO specialists check websites. Knowing the pains and pitfalls of SEO from their own experience, Sitechecker created an On-Page SEO checker with a simple but clear design to use within the company Boosta. Then not only Sitechecker's colleagues but other people started to use the tool: friends, friends of our friends who have friends as well. They suggested some improvements and Sitechecker decided to introduce the product to market. This is when Sitehecker started its development.

    Products and Free SEO tools services


    §  Site Audit: Try out our free website crawler to detect all technical SEO issues in one place, fix them and get more organic traffic, satisfied users, and sales

    §  Site Monitoring: Monitor Website Changes to Keep Your Business Running

    §  Rank Tracker : Track website SEO rankings regularly and find out what of your actions led to the growth and be the first to know when something critical happens.

    §  Backlink TrackerMonitor and analyze all backlinks you have found or built for the website. Be the first to know when the links were lost and bring them back to life.

    §  SEO Chrome Extension

    §  White Label

    SEO Software

    §  Free SEO tools

    §  On-Page SEO Checker

    §  Website Traffic CheckerWebsite Traffic Checker is our data checking tool. With it, you can get and analyze your web traffic to optimize it. Get all the most important metrics that are important for evaluating the power and optimization of your resource.

    §  Website Safety Checker

    §  Website Down Checker

    §  Website Rank Checker

    §  Website Hosting Checker

    §  Website Speed Checker

    §  Website Backlink Analysis

    §  Website Broken Link Checker

    You can choose a Better service per your choice. 

    Get 20% off our annual Sitechecker plan Sitechecker.pro Analisis SEO Web Duplicate Content Checker Free Broken Links Checker Website Monitoring Tool Keyword Rank Tracker Online Website Crawler Free Website Rank Checker Free On Page SEO Checker Free Traffic Checker

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