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    WordPress Hosting with Free .COM Domain Name

    Why Choose WordPress Hosting?

    Why Choose WordPress Hosting?

    Pre-installed Jetpack

    Choose from hundreds of readily available themes, plugins, and services to build your website with minimal coding.

    Superior Performance

    Hosting specially optimized for WordPress-powered websites. The server architecture, databases have been developed to enhance the performance of your website.

    Automatic Updates

    Any patches or version upgrades released by WordPress are automatically installed for your WP hosting plan, which makes your website future-proof and secure.


    Technical Specifications for Wordpress Web Hosting

    Blazing Fast Website

    With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, varnish cache, and globally distributed CDN, your website frequently visited pages will load up to 2x faster.


    Advanced Caching

    We have built advanced Nginx/Varnish bases caching to improve the speed of your website without having to spend time on any advanced configuration. You can just toggle performance on and off and achieve caching for your website.


    Instant Scalability

    Boost your website resources with a single click. Instantly upgrade your website resources such as RAM and CPU to manage any unexpected spike in your website traffic.


    Automatic Failover

    We maintain 3 copies of your website content to ensure in case of any failure we are able to recover the latest version of your website and we can start serving it from a completely new server. All this happens seamlessly and almost instantaneously. 





    3 Years @249/m

    3 Years @299/m

    3 Years @499/m

    3 Years @399/m

    1 WordPress Installation

    2 WordPress Installation

    5 WordPress Installation

    3 WordPress Installation

    Dual Core CPU

    Quad Core CPU

    Hexa Core CPU

    Hexa Core CPU

    5 GB Storage

    20 GB Storage

    40 GB Storage

    40 GB Storage

    2 GB RAM

    4 GB RAM

    6 GB RAM

    6 GB RAM

    Visitors up to 25K/month

    Visitors up to 200K/month

    Visitors up to 500K/month

    Visitors up to 300K/month

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    MOJO Marketplace*

    MOJO Marketplace*

    MOJO Marketplace*

    MOJO Marketplace*

    JetPack Plugin*

    JetPack Plugin*

    JetPack Plugin*

    JetPack Plugin*

    *MOJO Marketplace & JetPack Plugin are pre-installed

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